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The Underground New York Public Library is a visual library featuring the Reading-Riders of the NYC subways.
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Just had to let you know how happy I became when I saw the photograph of the woman reading “NEMESIS,” BY JO NESBØ! As someone who is from/living in Norway I got an endless joy by seeing that :) It's even more fun since English doesn't have the 'Ø', so I was really impress that you had that (people usually just go with an 'O') hehe. This totally random, but I thought it was really cool so I had to let you know. Keep up the amazing work, I love every piece.


I love using the Ø. I’ve had extra practice with it because of my friend Bjørn. I don’t like to miss the chance to use it in text (even when autocorrect struggles with it) so I was excited to use it here for Jo Nesbø. Thank you. Hearing from you makes me happy in return. :)


  1. bethanymckenzie said: As someone who works in a library (in Canada) I can happily report to freaks4geeks that Jo Nesbø is very, very popular here.
  2. theredshoes said: Nice! Should we say, “ø yeah”? ;-)
  3. trixclibrarian said: i like her writes much, too :)
  4. unypl posted this
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