Underground New York Public Library

The Underground New York Public Library is a visual library featuring the Reading-Riders of the NYC subways.
This project is not affiliated with The New York Public Library


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Most of your photos seem to be taken from the seat right across from the reader. Do you go out of your way to sit there for the photo or do you only photograph people sitting right across from you? :) I think it's amazing that so few people seem to be aware that they're having their picture taken.


You’re asking about a significant part of my experience when I take these photos. :) I like photographing directly, so that I can more successfully bring in the presence of the subject. I do go out of my way, almost always, to be in front of the reader. Sometimes doing so is seamless, but many times it’s outstandingly awkward. Like when there are plenty of empty seats to choose from, but I go and sit in the seat between two people, to be across from the reader. This awkwardness tends to dissolve once I take the picture though. 


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